Sunday, 10 January 2016

Renovation project - Back in Spain

Renovation project - Back in Spain

It is so nice too be home, it was a long journey as we did it with just one stop, we stayed in Toulouse (France) but have not seen anything of the city. We arrived in the dark, struggled to find a hotel and then left early morning in thick fog, that did not lift until we were out of the city, so we can officially say we visited Toulouse and never actually saw it.

We now have a couple of weeks to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle before I head over to the UK for a week, I am going to baby sit for my little granddaughter and cannot wait. The timing may not be the best as we leave Spain 48 hours after I arrive back, but hopefully John will have packed for me before I get back.

The weather in November is beautiful, it is quite chilly in the evening and cold at night (it maybe feels colder as the villa is not insulated and there is no fire) we have a heater and can use the air con on reverse, but this is not working properly again, we have reported it but do not hold out a lot of hope, but we will be leaving soon so we are not too bothered.

During the day the temperature is still around 20 degrees with almost constant sunshine, we can still easily sit out to eat at restaurants and enjoy the sunsets from our terrace

I realise I am going to miss Spain so much, we have loved living here, even if our waistlines have expanded with the lifestyle, but we are looking forward to starting work on our our new project.

It is a shame we never found what we were looking for, but are so grateful at having had the opportunity to live in Spain, who knows what the future may hold, but for now it is enjoying our last bit of sunshine and tapas before embarking on a great new adventure


  1. Well.. I am sorry you did not find us a holiday home in Spa in but am happy to have you closer again! :)

    1. Thanks Gerda, it's good to be back, but who knows what the future holds ;)