Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Renovation Project - John is rushed to hospital

Renovation Project - John is rushed to hospital

This is the first time I have had to fly from Spain to the UK, I am a little bit nervous and we end up getting there very early,, but the airport at Alicante is great, not too big but so many shops and cafes, the time flies by and it is time to board.

I am so excited I am going to spend a full week with my baby grandaughter.

I have the most amazing week with my granddaughter in the UK, we get to see father Christmas, I get to watch her at the ballet class. We had arranged to see the other grandchildren as well but they all were poorly so we will have to wait till we get back for Christmas.

The week goes so quickly and already it is the night before my flight, I have been trying to message John all day and have not had a reply from him so I telephone (I am a scrooge and did not want to use the mobile in the UK) he sounds very strange on the phone and starts with “don't panic, I'm OK” why do people not realise this is the one sentence guaranteed to send you into a blind panic?

He had been taken into hospital this afternoon by ambulance, he is on his own in a country where he can't speak the language, I feel so bad for him.

But he explains that Andy (our friend from Monster Moovers) had called the ambulance for him and the emergency services had called John and spoke to him in English until the paramedics arrived.

With in minutes he had been hooked up to all sorts of machines, but had to ensure that he could provide his E111, thank goodness he knew where it was and it had arrived in France before we left for Spain.

I am on edge all night worrying about him as I believe he has had a heart attack, luckily he lets me know he has been released,

Apparently he was fully checked for bites and stings, heart problems and a stroke, but all came back clear.

We do not know what was wrong and it is put down to a virus, he was discharged once all his tests came back clear.

I leave at 4 in the morning for my flight, being really nice not to wake anybody, later I get the upset text asking why I hadn't said goodbye, sometimes you just can't win.

But we will be back soon for Christmas


  1. Oh no, I do hope he is ok, I haven't met him yet

    1. Thanks Roz, we still don't know what was wrong but much better now :)
      will definitely have to meet up one day