Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wednesday 8th August

Wednesday 8th August
Today we move into the house, a gas water heater has been fitted so we now have running warm water, we bought the biggest gas BBQ I have ever seen, it’s much better than the cooker at home was.

So we have decided to have a BBQ as the weather is gorgeous and have invited Didier from next door, sounds like a plan? Well it was until I went to do some laundry.
I found the launderette and managed to decipher the instructions but this gave me an hour to waste so I visited Laura, who then opened her usual bottle of champagne, I’m conscious that I’m now sounding like a lush, but this is not the case, I’m fitting in well with the French way of life.
The hour turned into 3 and I met up with Sheila, who has offered us the use of her trailer to get rid of rubbish, we then had a tour of our building site, and by the time Didier arrived for the BBQ I was drunk, it was going dark so we had the BBQ indoors. Gave Didier one of the big camping chairs to sit on, unfortunately, the chair was wearing out or he was too big, it broke and he ended up on the floor, not a good way to make friends! Managed to cook the burgers and gave one to Didier, the entire filling shot out on to the floor, so had to make another, Didier promptly fell asleep after eating, the evening was turning into a disaster but it did make a memorable first night.
Top tips
1.       Burgers are really nice on baguettes but are not easy to eat, especially when using small paper plates
2.       Do not visit Laura when you are only going out for an hour, or do visit and make the hour much more fun!
3.       Wait until you have chairs, plates and glasses before inviting people to dinner

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