Thursday, 23 August 2012

Renovation project - rewiring a house -Tuesday 14th August 2012

Renovation project - rewiring a house -Tuesday 14th August
But on a more positive note we now have a proper working light bulb with a light switch YAY (yes the simplest things in life really are that exciting).
rewiring a house
rewiring a house
rewiring a house

 Think we may have also worked out what is wrong with the water heater. After many different tinkerings, it appears that the flue is not high enough and needs to be extended so that the fumes can be drawn. Yes it works!!!!!!!!! 
gas water heater

the new hole for the flue, hello John!

gas water heater
gas water heater

gas water heater
For a short while!
Next brain wave is that the gas bottle needs to be lower than the heater (I forgot to mention that it is a gas bottle water heater and that propane is much better than butane). This now means that we may have to redesign the entire main bathroom, bugger.
But we can see the main living room floor again. 
electrical rewire

I had my first lone drive today to the tip, well actually had 3 return trips, It was really strange as I cannot imagine driving on the other side of the road now.
Top tips
1.       You will get pissed off when you have to rough it and you will snap at people, but it does pass
2.       Propane is better than Butane
3.       Be adaptable as your ideas may have to change
4.       When driving remember to keep the kerb at the driver’s side
5.       If you see a stop sign, DO STOP even if the roads are absolutely clear and count to 3, if you don’t you will get a fine, it’s amazing how good the French police are at hiding.

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