Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Renovation Project - Choc au pain -Monday 13th August

Renovation project - choc au pan - Monday 13th August
Had a late start this morning, after the nicest choc au pain and raisin au pain, which I managed to ask for in French, I had wanted an almond au pain but they had none left, I was soooo impressed with myself as I did not use one English word, still sounded like a Sat Nav voice over, but the pronunciation will come, or so I keep getting told.
Had another visitor, Theresa, she works at the restaurant next door but one, when they are busy, her and her husband bought a derelict farm a few years ago and moved over a year ago to live here permanently, they still don’t have heating, so we are doing very well.
John and Andy spent the afternoon shopping again, I’m sure there’s something going on at that shop as they can spend 4 hours there, Andy has said that he never wants to go again and John has said its worse than B&Q.  Apparently most of the time there is spent scratching their heads working out what they need and then trying to find it.
The hot water still isn’t working quite right, so another luke warm bath
Top tip
1.       Be prepared to spend a lot of time shopping for materials, it can be difficult to find what you need. Compression Tee that comes as one unit in England can be separated in France e.g. the olives, nuts and compression tee’s are all in separate bags.

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