Sunday, 19 August 2012

Friday August 3rd - House renovation

Friday 3rd August
We had had enough of the campsite after 8 days and decided to move into a local B&B, Laura’s as we should’ve been in the house.  
We had had a meeting set up with the Notaire to sign up for the house on Friday 3rd August but our transfer had not gone through, when we contacted our money exchange company they confirmed that the money had been transferred into the Notaire’s account on Thursday 2nd August, a panic started to set in at this point as 40,000 Euro’s was floating somewhere in cyber space. Luckily the French bloke we were buying off was happy to sign and give us the keys as to go into the house as we had e-mail confirmation that the money had been transferred.
We came into the house after being assured the electricity had been reconnected. This turned out to be the mains had been connected but the wires to the house had been cut as it was in such bad connection, so we now have a full rewire to complete, BUGGER!!!!!!!!
We tried some of the taps but no water was flowing from anywhere, we e-mailed the estate agent (which also meant going to the pub, as the pub had free wifi) so every time we needed to use the internet it meant that we had to go to the pub, a few pluses and minuses to this situation.
Here are the photos of the interior,  

 I will be taking photos of each step of the renovation.
Top tips
1.       Do not trust the particulars in the same way as England as electricity does not necessarily mean you will have any lights or plug sockets.
2.       Connected to mains water does not necessarily mean you will have drinking water, a toilet or a bath!


  1. Wow

    Just seen your original pictures from your first blog
    Reassuring to know that someone else's French project was almost as unprepossessing as ours!

    Our neighbours think we are mad

    Gill B

    1. ha ha ha I think we were known as the mad English on the hill!

      definitely worth it in the end though