Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Renovation project plumbing and social etiquette - Saturday 11th August

Renovation project plumbing - Saturday 11th August
The day has been spent disinfecting the entire house (yet again) we now have a lounge on the first floor which is very nice. We also sorted out more of the water pipes, these are not straightforward, I was disinfecting the kitchen as water shot out of a pipe in the kitchen wall (yes it surprised me as well) Andy came down as John tried to recreate his steps upstairs, it turns out it was an over flow pipe from a bedroom sink, here’s John sealing the pipe 
leaking pipe

We are all knackered but looking forward to a nice meal at the Lavalle’s, we’re due there at 8. There is a big debate on the etiquette do we take wine or not???? The English owners f the local restaurant come to our rescue, it is not polite to take wine, we had already bought it and pushed the boat out and spent over 2 euro’s on a bottle of white and red, poor us we will have to drink it tomorrow. We should take some token flowers.
So all bathed and flowers in hand, starving hungry we arrive, we are promptly offered an aperitif (a large whisky for John and Andy and a large port for me). There are nibbles on the table, and when the drinks are emptied, they are promptly refilled (not good on an empty stomach). We all had a lovely evening, looking at the hand carvings Jean had created and discussing buildings etc (Jean had been a roofer). Sadly we had misunderstood, and we were not getting fed, so at 10pm, absolutely ravenous we made our way to Le Crepuscule, only to find out they had finished serving food because they had a DJ on, I am sooooo distraught but should help my diet.
Stayed for a few drinks (I bet that’s surprised you!) and happened to spot our intruder, I couldn’t resist and had to ask him how his hand was, he didn’t know what I was talking about until I got it across in Broken English, that it was our house he was in the other night, I think he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him, but he did know sorry in English, which he then repeated a number of times.
During the night a very drunken fisherman joined us and took quite a shine to me, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, I had to make it very clear that I was married to John; it was then time to go.
Top tips
1.       If you are invited to somebody’s house check the etiquette first
Make sure you can eat somewhere after a hard day’s work


  1. Hi Jenny, really enjoying the story. Keep it coming (If you can stay sober long enough)

  2. ha ha ha really enjoying writing it, and the novelty of nice cheap wine is starting to wear off!