Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Thursday 9th August

Jean Lavalle came to visit with his wife and granddaughter, it turns out the wedding photo is of him and his wife, (Jean is now 80) this is one of the nicest photos we’ve taken so far 

We also found out that there is a wooden cabinet in the barn that had been painted by Jean’s mum when they married, looking forward to getting that out and sanding it down, provided the wood worm have not been feasting on it.
We were given an invite to visit them at their home on Saturday night. All the photos have now gone to their rightful owners; it was very emotional as they said they did not have photos of certain relatives.
Spoke to the estate agent and have organised French telecom to set up our internet and telephone, the package is 33 euro’s a month and includes unlimited internet and free phone calls to all landlines including the UK!!!!! Just realised what a rip off the UK really is.
Top tip
1.       Get advice from your estate agent on the telecoms, we were advised by the expat experts to use UK Telecoms as they will set you up, and speak to the French Company. They charge 160 euro connection and 40 euro admin charge for speaking to French Telecom, and cost a lot more.
2.       Beware the expat experts!!!!!! You have been warned

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