Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Renovation project - new toilet - Sunday 19th August 2012

Sunday 19th August
Andy is having a day on the beach and we are getting an inside toilet, hooray can life get any better!
Lots of work done today and one of the holes in the ceiling is now getting fixed.

We also get an inside toilet today, I’m so excited. The piece of board was removed and I can’t believe how big the hole is in the floor near the bathroom, and that the joist holding the rest of the floor up was completely rotten, I’m a big believer in what I don’t know can’t hurt me, so when I didn’t know it was a big hole, all was good.

Worked hard all day and John with the little dog came to visit, stopped for a couple of brews and passed a pleasant hour, he then came back with some spare plates and mugs, we can now have visitors!
Popped to Johns later to have a look at his heater, he was a bit worried about it, but all seemed well, he told us about some of his fantastic antique bargains, definitely want to go shopping with John.
Had a look at flights from the UK and found some very cheap ones, so we are going to treat the kids to a trip over, both were sooo happy, personally I could cry at this moment I’m so happy.
Went for a walk as the weather was so beautiful and bumped into Sheila, who invited us to a BBQ tomorrow night followed by the Manchester  United match on the TV. Also offered to put up the girls if the house wasn’t ready when they visited.
I really love this place and Sheila especially, my upset from the other night and mood from yesterday is all now forgotten.
Andy cooked a fabulous dinner and we have some very nice wine, a happy evening to be had by all.
And I finally have a working indoor flushing toilet!!!!!!!!!! Oh La La

We also have the poshest toilet roll holder! Champagne has many uses

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