Monday, 27 August 2012

Renovation going wrong - Saturday 18th August 2012

Renovation going wrong - Saturday 18th August
I want to go home, I’ve had enough, I want a toilet, I want a shower and I don’t want any arses in my house or car. Was in a mood all morning, lucky John and Andy.
Cheered up by the afternoon and lots got done, Andy was out tonight, so we went for a romantic dinner overlooking the lake, and managed to keep our eyes open this time. Spoke to lots of nice people, had an amazing night and glad I’m here again.
sunset over the lake

This is the sun setting over the lake, the photo was taken from our seat inthe restaurant!

Sunset over the lake

The internet is now all fully working as is the telephone, so have called lots of people tonight, FANTASTIC!  Can’t believe how efficient French Telecom is, and the cost for unlimited internet and telephone calls (including calls to the UK) is only 36 euro’s a month that is £30 A MONTH!!!!!!!
And it’s still sunny!!!!!!!!
Top tips
1.       You will get very pissed off, but it does pass (I know this has been a top tip before but I can’t stress it enough!)

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