Sunday, 29 June 2014

Renovation Project - Artists Market, Brittany

Renovation Project - Artists Market, Brittany

Well we are both feeling much better now and we are getting bookings which is great news, we have still not received our Google postcard, which is a pain and I have contacted our web site designer to ask him to chase this up, the Google postcard is essential for any new business as this is what makes your business show up on Google maps.

My French is getting better by the day and having to answer the telephone in French certainly helps, it still freaks me out a little bit, but I am managing, I think this is called the immersion method of learning, personally I think it is called, the tough crap, just get on with it method of learning but it seems to be working!

I have also looked at other advertising sites, we have now joined one called France Again, this was so simple though I did have one slight problem but I e-mailed the company and some one contacted me immediately on the instant chat and talked me through what I had to do, it turned out to be me rather than a problem! But we are live and we have a featured ad, it is so exciting to see our B&B on these sites, lets hope the bookings come flooding in!

The sun is still shining which is amazing last year we went away and missed most of the summer, but this year looks like it will be a good one and today there is an artists market by the lake. Huelgoat really is a beautiful area and I just love meandering through the local markets.

I think we really have made the right decision with the B&B and fingers crossed we will be successful, we have even had our first review on Trip Advisor!

Huelgoat artists marketHuelgoat artists market

Huelgoat artists market

Huelgoat B&B rooms still available for July 2014


  1. I love markets and this artists market would be right up my street. We visited Huelgoat last month and stayed in our motorhome in the aire by the lake. We went for a lovely walk around part of the lake. Such a beautiful area and we'd love to return to investigate those huge stones! Unfortunately we could only stay one night as we had to move on as we had viewings elsewhere. My latest blog post has a photo of the lake.
    So glad you're both feeling better.

    1. I Love your photos', I've also added your blog to my great blogs page, hope to see you next time you are here :)