Saturday, 7 June 2014

Renovation project - We Have our first guest at Huelgoat B&B

Renovation project - We Have our first guest at Huelgoat B&B

Today is one of the most exciting and terrifying days all in one go I was sat at the table writing the blog, and noticed a young man looking at our sign in the window, so I smiled at him and he replied by asking if we were open, yes of course we are I replied back thinking he was just a friendly neighbour, then it struck me, he was looking for somewhere to stay.

I rush to the door and welcome him in French and explain that we have vacancies for tonight, the conversation is a little difficult and then he asks if I speak English, could this get any better.

He comes in and has a look at the room, and is really happy with it.


He is a really intersting guy and we spend some time chatting with him, where he says that he thought my French was a special version for guests, as it's not really French, but not obvious that I am English, it's that bloody sat nav accent that I have!

It feels very weird knowing that there is a stranger in your house, but once you get used to it, it's not as strange as you'd think it maybe.

He leaves the following lunchtime, we are supposed to have an 11 am check out but we get chatting again.

He leaves us our first review, and it's great, we now just need a few more of these.

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