Monday, 23 June 2014

Renovation Project - We're back online again!

Renovation Project - We're back online again!

Many apologies, we have been so busy over the last few weeks the blog has been a little bit neglected, we did think once the house was finished we would have loads of time to ourselves but to be honest we now seem to be working as much as ever!

I don't know where to begin with what we have been up to, but I'll have a go.

The first big thing was the dentist, not a nice experience but better than we are used too, e.g. I survived it and didn’t need hospital treatment (always a bonus).

The dentist we have found is in a big town only 10 km away and the dentist speaks fantastic English, I have to explain about my reaction to adrenaline, and to be honest he seemed a little bit excited, he has heard of this allergy, but in 9 years has never met anybody with it. I have to remind him on every visit and he has said he will order some different anaesthetic just for me.

John has to have 3 visits in total and 3 teeth removed, he has had a problem for the last year and the x-rays have said it was a back tooth on either side of his jaw, the dentist thought it was too much to do in one visit, so it was split over 3 visits.

Our carte vitale has still not arrived, and the dentist said to wait until the next visit before paying to give it chance to arrive. I cannot believe how much business is done on trust here!

We have also registered with the doctor, John had about a million blood tests (because of his age!) the health care in France seems to be more focussed on prevention than cure.

We are also up and running with the estate agency now and have started to go out and about viewing properties and doing the write ups, I am really enjoying this aspect, what other job gives you the opportunity to talk to people, write and have a look around loads of houses? I think I have just found my dream job (not that I am nosy or anything).

I am also looking at all different ways to advertise the B&B. But that is another story for tomorrow, so it's good to be back and if you are looking for a holiday make sure you click on the link below.

Because this week John is going to have to start working on the rest of the house, we are finished and open but there is still our floor that I want to change and our utility, a new roof on one of the out buildings, a new garden and …..........

The list goes on, so John you have had a break now get to it!

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