Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Renovation project - Scary dolls

Renovation project - Scary dolls

We have one of the nicest neighbours imaginable living here, a little old French lady, who is ever so elegant and always very stylish, she has had an amazing life from the conversations we have had, but we don't think she has any family.

Her house is a treasure chest of antiques and also clutter, we often see her coming back from a walk and carrying flowers and leaves from the forest that are then displayed in her window. Well today I saw a man trying to get into her window, I stopped and asked if everything was OK, but his accent was very strong and I didn’t understand all of it, but he seemed legit so I wasn't too worried.

When we came back from the shops there were a number of people going in to the house and carrying out bags, it appears that she is a far worse hoarder than we had thought and she had had a bit of an accident and people couldn't get in or out of the house as the clutter had piled up by the door.

We helped to clear some away and took it to the tip, but the little old lady was not her usual self, her hair was not brushed and she was not happy.

Over the next few days she she was the same, I chatted to her but it was not right seeing this most elegant of women looking dishevelled, and I wonder if the helpful neighbours (and us!) may have done more harm than good.

The window display slowly started to reappear, but this time with a doll, obviously a very old doll that had an open mouth, tonight I saw this doll in the window, I can't say anything other than it scares the life out of me!

We have to go shopping again and I see some flowers, so I buy her a bunch. It's late when we get back and horror of horrors, when I call round the doll has moved up the window and now looks like it is screaming at me!!!!!!

The following morning when I give the flowers to her she is so touched, but I now think it may have been a mistake as these are in the window with all her new fauna, is she going to be back to normal in no time and have I helped it along? But she is back to her old cheerful, stylish self.

It makes you wonder whether our idea of helping is actually helping or just interfering, living in clutter may not be a good way to live, but it obviously makes her happy.

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