Saturday, 14 June 2014

Renovation project - French car boots and seaside sunsets

Renovation project - French car boots and seaside sunsets

We have had a great few days, we have even got another booking from Airbnb, so exciting times ahead. But for now we are due a night off, there is no point living this life if you don't get to go out and enjoy it once in a while.

We are heading over to Andy and Gerda's for dinner, not only are they nice people, they are willing to feed us (in my books anybody who is willing to feed us are A OK!)

Gerda is also sorting out some pictures for the B&B, we have so many beautiful photographs that it seems a shame to put paintings on the wall, so Gerda has agreed to enlarge some of the best that we have (and very nicely agreed to do some of hers!)

we drive over and it is a really nice evening, one photo is ready, but there is a problem with the ink, so we will have to wait until next week to get the next ones.

We have a great dinner and then Gerda asks if we would like to visit the local beach, this place is amazing, it is so beautiful and you can just imagine sitting here for lunch, or cycling down for the day. We explore a little bit and this is when we all realise that my short legs (every body else is really tall) are not that much use, the sea has covered bits of the beach and its a case of jumping over, great with long legs, not so great when you are as short as me!

But I manage, I do not fall in, we also go up to have a look at a house that overlooks the beach, this would make the most amazing home, but there was a fire and there's not much left, but given half a chance, I think we may have found our next project!

Kerfissien beach, brittany, Huelgoat B&B

Kerfissien Beach, brittany, Huelgoat B&BKerfissien Beach, brittany, Huelgoat B&B

The night goes far too quickly and it's time for bed, we are sleeping in a room with the eaves of the house either side of the bed, this is where I'm now glad I'm short! During the night John gets up to go to the toilet and, yes, he stands up, I have no idea how the bang from his head didn't wake the neighbours, luckily the red wine he had drank numbed the pain.

The following day there is a car boot sale in La Fouillee so we head over there, car boots are very different here, I know I have said that before, but they are. There are the usual amounts of tat but there are also some amazing antiques, John spends some time looking at really old newspapers and I think these would make amazing pictures for the landing, we just have to make sure that we don't buy any that could be considered offensive, we find one and my favourite page is mainly adverts. But they will look good.

Le feuillee, Brittany, car boot sale, Huelgoat B&BLe feuillee, Brittany, car boot sale, Huelgoat B&B

Le feuillee, Brittany, car boot sale, Huelgoat B&B

old newspaper pictures, Huelgoat B&B

The rest of the day is spent doing absolutely bugger all, what a great weekend


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time, I can appreciate the short legs thing as I am only 5ft 2ins, looking forward to the next house overlooking the sea

    1. oh that s a dream but saying that this one was a dream at one point so who knows.......