Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cheap decking

Renovation project - Making a new bedroom

We are currently still using the main bedroom to sleep in as we are not exactly run off our feet, but we have noticed more tourists recently, so it is time to get the top floor ready for us, it can be used if we need too, but at the moment everything that is not for the B&B (and every supply for the B&B) is currently rammed in there.

It's time to get the room ready, I wanted to have built in wardrobes all along the wall but John has suggested that he builds a wardrobe similar to the one in the main front bedroom and adds a desk and some shelves.

Personally I don't see how this can work, John doesn't like my idea of all built in wardrobes as he wants to keep the eaves on show.

He draws me a picture of what his idea will look like, but I still don't see it.

We need to get another door to match the ones in the house and this means a trip to Quimper, this also means that we can get the matching door furniture as this is where we bought it all from.

We arrive at the right shop but they only have left hand doors available. In France be very careful buying doors as they come complete with door frames and locks and are made to fit right hand opening or left hand openings, it is difficult if not impossible to change them over.

We get the door and the handles and then think about anther problem we have, the doors all come with locks but we found out that the locks are all the same, so one key will open any of the internal doors, I am really not happy about this, so we have a look at the locks whilst we are there, some of them cost over a hundred Euro’s, this is way too much money. We do find some cheaper locks but again the same key fits all of the locks!

We then spot some yale type locks in a medium price range, it will mean that John will have to change the whole locking mechanism on the door, but it is worth it to be totally secure.

The wood we wanted is very expensive in this shop so we head over to Brico Depot and buy all of the wood we need.

Whilst we are there I spot some garden decking on special offer, it is 2 metre 400 lengths of tanalised decking at only 2 Euro’s a length, we don't need it at the moment, but how can we not buy it at that price?

John still wants to have a patio in the garden overlooking the view of the church and forest, we can't go home with out it.

We pile as much as the car will carry on the roof rack, this Volvo really is as good as any van!

It's too late to start when we get home so the next day John sets too on building our bedroom, it doesn't take very long to get it all in place and now I can see what he meant, yes it does look good

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