Monday, 2 June 2014

Renovation project - Gardening in Rural Brittany

Renovation project - Gardening in Rural Brittany

OK the paper chasing is out of the way, for the time being!

Its time to get back to work, the B&B is finished, but there will always be things that need to be done, such as the garden. At the moment it looks pretty where we have made the flower patch and the patio and the slate steps, but it is by no means finished.

John is going to complete the slate steps so that they go into the garden, this means digging out a huge amount of soil and removing the old concrete post.

We still have some of the old oak joists that were in the barn roof and these will be used as sleepers on the steps.

It is fantastic that we have been able to recycle so much of the house and put everything to good use.

The ground is dug, the sleepers are added and the slate is broken, we now have an enormous pile of soil, but waste not want not, we add more to the flower bed and some around the bottom of the apple tree.

During this I am weeding the new flower patch and our herb garden, I still can't believe that people do this for fun, I have most definitely been born with out my family gardening gene! In fact I have just found out that I really dislike gardening, why oh why did I insist on a flower patch?????

But enough of me moaning (well for the minute because looking at how fast the weeds grow I think this may become a recurrent theme!)

Next we use all of the old stones to build borders and plant some more flowers, the old apple tree looks so much better and it seems to be growing more happily since we started looking after it, maybe Prince Charles had a point and I should start talking to the plants, I wonder if it works with weeds? If I shout at them and be nasty will they stop growing??????

By the end of the day we have most of it finished, our only problem now is that Edith and Amelie (the sheep) have gone on holiday, no I don't mean they have gone to Devon!!!!! they have gone to another field for a few week to give our grass time to grow, and boy is it starting to grow!

The big dilemma is do we leave it for the sheep or do we cut it so it looks nice (which also means some more gardening) Bugger, lets just have a glass of wine on the patio whilst we think about it.

Huelgoat B&B garden - Huelgoat Brittany franceHuelgoat B&B garden - Huelgoat Brittany france

Huelgoat B&B garden - Huelgoat Brittany france

Huelgoat B&B garden - Huelgoat Brittany france


  1. Oh the garden, we aren't really avid gardeners and so over the years it seems to have been changed to make it more do-able as we are getting older and not able to do so much, but some good advice from a friend who has a wonderful garden is: do a little every day that way you don't notice it so much...

    1. Thanks Roz, I always enjoy your photo's of your garden :)