Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Renovation project - We have another grandchild

Renovation project - We have another grandchild

The house is clean and the photo's are taken, we are now going to leave for a while as we have some important business in the UK, well this is an understatement, we are going to babysit my granddaughter and John is about to become a granddad again.

Leaving when we are so close may sound a mad thing to do, but we are not going to be able to leave again until late in to the year and people are not really going to be able to visit us as we are going to have to concentrate on earning some money.

This is where you become really torn, we need to be up and running but I need to spend time with my babies and we need to be there for the new baby.

If you are going to do something like this, are you fully prepared for leaving new grandchildren and returning to visit with the worry in your head that they will not know you? We have been gone for over 18 months now and I still miss my daughter like crazy, and now it's even harder as I miss my little granddaughter so much as well, she is growing every day and I'm not there.

Skype has been a God send and we speak at least once a week, but this is not the same. This is why we are going now.

We have booked the posh cabin again on Brittany Ferries, I know look forward to this journey and the fear of my sea sickness is much less (it may cost more but it really is worth it!) 

As soon as I see my family all my fears of not being recognised leave, she runs up with her arms out and a big smile, I am in heaven.

We spend a week baby sitting and my greatest triumph is teaching her to say mu mu mu mmm (doesn't look much on here but you had to be there) my other greatest moment was teaching her to wag her finger and say no no no no no, my daughter still finds this really cute, but I wonder how long it will be cute for?

We have trips out and I have the best time but my goodness am I knackered! This is why the blog has fell a bit behind, I had all these plans of what I would do, but once she was in bed I just wanted to die on the sofa. I had forgotten how tiring a toddler was, the work on the house was nothing in comparison and I raise my hat to all of you working mums out there, you really are amazing!!!!

John's daughter does not seem to be in any hurry to give birth, and every day we are waiting for the phone call, but finally the call comes and I have a cold, I am gutted, but we drive to the hospital and John gets to see his new granddaughter when she is only an hour old.

Welcome Laila Grace.

I get to see her twice before we leave as I do not want to pass on any germs, she is such a little cutie.

We split our time between the families and fill up on cuddles and love, but somehow I have not taken very many photo's, it is hard to remember to get your camera out when you are just trying to soak up everything, next time I will try harder!

We have so many memories from this visit, one of the funniest is visiting my parents with little Poppy Mai and my mum asking her where meme is (I have stuck with this name rather than the G word) and instead of coming to me she goes straight to the laptop and shouts me. This is when we realise how confusing it must be for such small children, and wonder whether she thinks we live in the computer?

This is definitely one of our best trips back, and as a bonus I didn't end up in hospital!!!

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