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Renovation Project - the best places to eat in Macclesfield

Renovation Project - the best places to eat in Macclesfield

We couldn't have a trip back to Macclesfield in the UK without telling you about some fantastic places to eat, one we have mentioned before, the Cheshire Gap, this is a deli in the town centre and no visit to Macclesfield is complete without a trip there.

The Cheshire Gap MacclesfieldThe Cheshire Gap MacclesfieldThe Cheshire Gap Macclesfield

Todays delicacy is a scotch egg with a difference, you have a selection of pies (not just everyday pies!) and in the centre is a runny egg! We have no idea how these are made but they are so nice and so different (Cheshire Gap if you read this can you please let us know what they are called).

Next is take away food, this is something we really miss in France, and as Macclesfield is not a big town, there is not the biggest selection but why would you need a big selection when some of what is on offer is so good!

Our favourites were Micco's, this as an actual Italian pizza take away and the pizza's are (in my opinion) far nicer than those we ate in Italy, so thank you Micco and in the words of Arnie 'we will be back'

Next favourite is Allan’s fried chicken, this is like a KFC but much nicer (in our opinion) as it is much smaller and the guy behind the counter is so friendly.

This is partly what makes these 2 take a ways so good the staff could not be nicer or more friendly.

Next we move up market to Fina Bar and Grill, we had a belated Mothers day evening here, which was me, my daughter and my mother. The food is absolutely amazing, and the Monkfish Pancetta is to die for! Mix this with a couple of bottles of Prossecco and the friendliest and most helpful waiting on staff and you have the ideal recipe for a fantastic night out, moving on to a bar afterwards also helps!

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to go out for the night with my family, even if the door men asked my 25 year old daughter for ID at the door, Revolutions in Macclesfield are definitely on the ball when it comes to keeping kids out of the bar.

We also met up with some friends of my daughters and my ego had a boost as I no longer look like the fat controller when I sit with them!

Revolutions Macclesfield

Macclesfield is definitely worth a visit if you make it to Cheshire in the UK, I have only talked about the eating opportunities but the bars and night-life are fantastic in this area and there are so many places to visit nearby.

We also take a visit to Manchester, and yes more food is involved, this time with a different age range, it is me, my daughter and baby granddaughter. We stroll through Spinningfields which is an area of Manchester city centre. It was specially developed in the 2000s as a business, retail and residential development of Manchester, and is located between Deansgate and the River Irwell and has been described as the Canary Wharf of the North.

Poppy has a thing for ducks, so seeing the massive duck on the green was her highlight, for me it was seeing such a green space covered in deckchairs in the centre of the city.

Spinningfields Manchester UK

We stop for some lunch at the Alchemist, and I have to take a photo of the menu to send to friends in France who never believed that fish finger butties were available on restaurant menus. But they are!

Fishfinger butties at Alchemist Manchester, UK

Now you may not expect a place like this to be suitable for toddlers but it is and my goodness is it better than the types of places you would normally take children too! A high chair is provided and the staff change the menu so that she has some fish fingers with a few chips, whilst we sit and have a selection of starters with 2 amazing cocktails. The table next to us order 2 tea's and these arrive in what look like test tubes with smoke billowing from them, I want one just because they look so different.

The Alchemist, Manchester ukThe Alchemist, Manchester uk

Here are a couple of photo's of Manchester that you may not expect, on a sunny day, Manchester is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited!

Manchester UKManchester UK

Manchester UKManchester UK

Manchester UK

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