Saturday, 3 May 2014

Renovation project - The final push

Renovation project - The final push

We have a had a nightmare few days, there is so much to do and the stress levels have gone through the roof. You really would think that at this point we would be starting to enjoy it and sit back and relax a little bit,, after all the photo's are getting taken tomorrow, the website is being built we are almost finished and soon will be visiting the UK to spend time with the grandchildren ad welcome our newest one to the world.

Everything should be wonderful, but it's not, we have never shouted and argued as much as we have over the past week, I have never come so close to saying stuff the bloody lot, I've had enough (well actually I have said it a couple of times, but it was quietly in my head).

Stress is a strange thing, we have lived with no water, no electricity and pretty much everything else missing from any form of domesticity, but now we have almost finished and the stress is a million times worse!

It reminds me of when we first bought the house, I was so excited and happy and we went to a local café for a celebration drink and I couldn't stop crying?????? what the hell is wrong with me??????

But enough of the moaning and back to the work, we only have a few jobs left, one job is actually getting the porch to look like a porch but it shouldn't take long, I actually think me constantly saying this is one of the things that sets John off, I may say it a little bit less on the next project (and yes as peeved off as I am at the moment we will be doing it again, but not till we have had a good break!)

First things first and it is making the front door look good, we love the original door and I have spent time sanding it and staining it, but the frame requires some work, this is sanded and the frame painted a darker brown, I also sand down the iron work on the window and paint this to match.

John has put plasterboard up inside the porch, and now as to finish this off and get rid of the joints. He also has to come up with an idea of how to cover the consumer unit and the electric meter, for now he is building wooden cupboards around them. This will give easy access should we need it.

The walls are painted white and the doors are glossed. All that is left is the floor, we had wanted to put coconut matting in here but we are out of time, it's also very expensive in France, we have found a washable matting that we use and lay some floor boards on the bit underneath the new wooden boxes as this was where the old floors join so is quite uneven, by using some wood this covers the problem and also gives an area for boots that can be wiped clean.

It is finished, it really is finished, tomorrow we have Gerda and Andy coming around to take our photographs, all we have to do now is a final clean, the dust should almost be stopped now, just in case you were wondering how dusty the house is, this unit was dusted yesterday!

But from tomorrow we should be clean!!!!!!

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