Saturday, 31 May 2014

Renovation project - CPAM in France

Renovation project - CPAM in France

I have now started to receive post, which is quite exciting, I get post which isn't just bills, and I am actually translating most of it myself (I have really been going at my Michel Thomas language course I still swear at it quite often and at times want to punch the woman on it, but it is helping overall!)

I have had my letter from CPAM (the health authority) asking me to take in my photograph for my Carte Vitale! This means I am officially in the French health system.

I take the photo’s (of which I am so unhappy, I look terrible and this will last me forever!)

I hand them in to the worker at CPAM and ask when Johns card will arrive, the lady only speaks French and uses more words than I know, she explains that she does not speak any English and we should bring a translator, we have never needed this before as we usually manage with my French and a few words of English from the officials, eventually she explains in broken English, that they are not allowed to speak English any more because somebody mis understood and complained, she shows us a new sign on the wall (in English) explaining that all English people must arrange for a translator! I can't believe it, one person has spoiled everything. Life is suddenly going to get much more difficult!

But on a positive note I now have my Carte Vitale, well I will when it arrives in the post.

The afternoon is spent on a more practical issue, we have realised that when we have guests we only have
the dining tables and it would not really be appropriate for us to sit and eat our meals there if people are relaxing in the lounge.

So John builds another table for the kitchen, I actually prefer this to all of the others, I have my kitchen dining room again, this was one of my joys in the UK.

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