Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Renovation project - We are going to be estate agents (well an agent commercial but it's close enough)!!!!!!!!!

Renovation project - We are going to be estate agents (well an agent commercial but it's close enough)!!!!!!!!!

We have a very busy week this week, we have not said anything as we did not want to Jinx it, but we are going to start work!

Now this is a bit of a long story but a few weeks ago we were contacted by one of the estate agents about advertising on the blog, well we got chatting and guess what, the estate agency were recruiting!!!!!!!

This week we are off to for a weeks training, we are going to be estate agents in France, now there's a turn up for the books. This should be ideal with the B&B because if anybody wants to come house hunting, they can stay with us as well!!!!

We have an 8 hour drive to the training and get to stay in a beautiful gite, we were a bit gutted that we did not get to stay in the Ch√Ęteau B&B (until we found out that there were no cooking facilities there!).
the week goes by so quickly and we learn so much, we had been worried that it may all be a bit too much, but the support network is excellent and running a B&B alongside is ideal.

The little B&B may be the dream, but in reality dreams don't pay the bills (worth remembering if you are planning on doing this, have you got a back up plan?)

The week was great and we met some fantastic people there. Our head's are spinning by the end, and I now have a short while to get registered in the tax system and to be able to speak French fluently! This had been one of my biggest concerns, but I'm doing well and I am going to have a French man and his English wife as my mentor's.

We return back to Huelgoat and the strangest thing happened, we walked into a nice house the house is still 
clean, there is no copious amounts of dust and no rubble, it still takes me by surprise.

Well we are all ready to go now, just need a few more bookings at the B&B.........

Huelgoat B&B - click on link to go to website

Huelgoat B&B sunset over Huelgoat lakeHuelgoat B&B Huelgoat ChaosHuelgoat B&B Huelgoat town square


  1. OMG how wonderful, I am so pleased for you, I wish I could do something like that, I would love to help others find their perfect home in France, what do you do to learn French by the way, you must let me know

    1. Thanks Roz, I'm doinng Michel Thomas, Duolingo and have just started lessons today!!!!!