Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Renovation project - Where has my money gone?

Renovation project - Where has my money gone?
Last night I transferred a chunk of money into our current account. This morning I go to draw some out for the little suite we have just seen on a second hand site and check that the account has enough money in it for our shopping trip.

We go to look at the suite first, we have the address and it is in a town square, we find number 12 and it is a shop, it is not the address we are looking for, so the shopkeeper leaves the shop and goes to a clothes shop further along the road, he does not know the address we are looking for either, but we now have 2 shopkeepers helping (who have both just left their shops open!)

We all eventually work out that all the flats above the shop are also number 12, no 12A etc, just all number 12.

There are 5 flats, we find the right post box, but still have no idea, then a neighbour comes out and points us to the top floor, if we had thought about it, we should have realised it would be the top floor, after all we are buying a corner suite, that we will have to get to a van

The suite may not be what we are looking for, but it will certainly do for now, we pay and arrange to collect it in the week.

We head back to the builders merchant and our trolley is sat there waiting for us, we take it all through the till again and then the worst thing, our card still won't work, we try a different card and nothing.

We can't ask them to keep it for us again so we have no choice but to use a credit card.

We load the car up and decide there must be a problem with the cards, we go home and pick up the cheque book so that we can buy the rest of the goods we want today.

The sales are on and will soon be over so we can not risk not buying what we have seen.

We head back to Emmaus and buy the second hand table and chairs, I say second hand, any other country and they would be antiques!

Our card still does not work so we use the cheque book, no problem.

We go to a furniture store and buy a fridge/freezer, a small fridge and a new cooker. We go to pay by cheque and there is a 600 Euro limit on cheques, again we have to use the credit card for the remainder.

Final shop is for the washing machine, this time the cheque is refused, I have no idea what is happening, I saw the money in the account this morning, we pay and arrange to collect everything next week.

Once home I check the bank account and the money is not there, we can see that it has been taken out but it has not been put in the correct account.

There is nothing we can do until the bank opens, I am not too worried as the bank is always so efficient, plus we still have some days grace before the cheques bounce, which is very serious in France.

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