Saturday, 6 February 2016

Renovation project - The missing money is found

Renovation project - The missing money is found

Our internet does not get connected for another 10 days, but this has not been a problem as we have been able to log on to internet at friends or in the local bars and restaurant (which does mean going out for a drink or meal, no bad thing!) not having internet is like having your right arm removed.

I cannot log onto the bank (as I do not want to risk using an open network) to see if our problem is sorted, so I have to call into the local branch, our contact is busy all day so I have the fun of trying to explain in French that 3000 Euros has disappeared. The woman on the counter can see that it was transferred but she cannot find it either. The bank will look into it and call us later, but John is out for the day with the phone and there is absolutely no point in calling him in French, we have no internet so she cannot e-mail. I have to call back in the morning.

We are still not overly worried as the bank is normally so efficient (and yes I am touching a piece of wood as I say this).

John has arranged for a local handyman to go with him to collect the furniture we need to pick up today. This is so much better than hiring the van as it means I do not have to go and John has another man to help lift and carry (a suite down two flights of turned stairs!)

Once John returns we call at a friends to use the internet, we are going to order a new fire today. We go onto the site and the fire is exactly what we want until we double check the size and realise it is too big. Back to the drawing board.

I do see an e-mail from the bank though and the missing money has been found, it turns out that I had transferred it to the wrong account, I quickly rectify this mistake and feel a little embarrassed that we had cursed the bank for my mistake.

John heads back to the house and starts again on the water pipe, by the time I get there he has it all connected, we now have cold water coming out of the tap.

Tomorrow he can go and get the water heater and hopefully we will have hot and cold water In the next couple of days.

But the biggest achievement today is my cooking, I have made a curry (with no packets etc) and it worked, I have finally made something that is not unhealthy and is not just edible but actually very nice (I won't mention that I followed the instructions and used butter instead of Ghee, so ate more butter in one meal than I do in a year!) but it is carbs and processed food we are cutting out.


  1. Hi Jenny, when we did our house in Brittany we had an insert put in and your fireplace looks almost the same. Worth checking out and shop around like crazy or there's a guy who advertises on AngloInfo who does UK woodburners. They are half the price of French ones. FYI

    1. Thanks David, we did consider an insert, but I love the free standing fires and as the fireplace is so big, one will fit in nicely, but will be woorth looking at other places to buy :)