Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Renovation project - Installing a Wood burner in France

Renovation project - Installing a Wood burner in France

We have given up on buying a fire on line and decide to go to the shops once more to see if we can find one. We are in a local town and see exactly the fire we need, it is the right size to fit in to the fire place and it is a style we both like and the best bit is, it is in the sale with 20 per cent off the price.

We buy it straight away, as I have said before if you see a bargain, buy it, because it will not be there tomorrow.

The next issue is how do we get it home?

We arrange to collect it in the week, so we have time to arrange transport, we no longer have the roof rack. (though this is not recommended, our old car had dents in it for ever after getting our last fire on there!)

Just as we are about too leave we notice our friend Simon entering the shop, talk about good timing, for us not him!

He agrees to take it for us in his little van/car.

We meet him back at the house and they manage to get it in to the house, these fires are unbelievably heavy.

I am upstairs finishing off some cleaning and when I come down, John has somehow managed to lift it and set it in place, I am sure he is super human at times. No person should be able to lift one of these fires on their own.

That is it we have a fire in place, John has swept it so it is ready to use once we have the flue in place.

The day is spent cleaning and sorting out the bed, John fits the flue liner, we have bought the metal tubes, these fit one on top of the other until they reach just outside the top of the chimney stack.

This is the most cost efficient liner and works well, the tubes are sold by most builders merchants and shops that sell fires.

Fitting a wood burner in France - Renovation project

Fitting a wood burner in France - Renovation project

We do not have any wood yet and arrange for a cord to be delivered tomorrow. Our friends let us take a bag of wood from their store so that we can light the fire.

We have a cooker and fridge and we know have the bed. Once we have a mattress it will be time to move in.

Today is a happy day.


  1. Hope you put a rain cap and bird guard on the top of the flue otherwise your nice stove will be a rusty heap in about 2 years. From personal experience long ago :)

    1. oh dear, poor you. luckily there was already one in place :)