Sunday, 7 February 2016

Renovation project - Stripping in France

Renovation project - Stripping in France

John spends today clipping the new water pipes in place and fitting the earth to the electric, no easy feat with a metre rod to be put in the ground, through tiles, concrete and earth. But he does it and the electrics are now safe.

The old gas water heater is removed from the wall and the pipe is temporarily blocked, hopefully this will stop some of the cold draughts.

I start to scrap the walls in the utility area, the paint comes off like wall paper, every where is so damp.

I also have another go at making a beef casserole and leaving it cooking in the slow cooker for 8 hours, this has to work today!

But the best part of the day is going for a walk with my friend and her dog, this is what I have missed most about not being in France, we walk though a small hamlet and take a different route into the forest, it is just as I remember it, absolutely stunning, the trees are bare and we get to see a number of houses that can not be viewed in the summer when the forest is lush.

We walk for a couple of hours chatting, now I know I am really home.

When we get back to the little house ready to eat our hearty casserole, all we see is a watery offering with beef that is still tough, we give up quickly and head off to a local bar for burger and chips, not on the diet menu but what can we do?

I am really going to have to get some lessons in this healthy eating/cooking business, it can't keep going so wrong.

But we did find out that if you throw the rubbish stew into a blender, you actually get a very nice beef stew soup!

Now that is what I call recycling

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