Friday, 14 March 2014

Renovation project - Where can I buy a tea pot?

Renovation project - Where can I buy a tea pot?

We make another change in the house today, John had made a bath panel from the wood we reclaimed from one of the ceilings, we had always planned on painting this white, but John now thinks this will not look as good, we have the option of sanding it down and staining it but he really isn’t happy with the one he made.

We do have some pieces of pine board, we had bought these for making shelves and the window sills, but they are exactly the same size as the wood required for the bath panel, so John cuts it to size and I stain and varnish it. This will mean the bath panel will match the rest of the wood in the bathroom (this will be much better, it is a bit upsetting that we cannot recycle wood from the house, but this is the first time we have not recycled materials found in the house).

We have also been searching for tea pots for the B&B when it is open, I really want to have nice small white china tea pots but can we find these anywhere? NO we can’t, we have searched all of the shops (UK and France) we have searched the internet we can’t believe that it is impossible to find nice white tea pots, we have found big tea pots but I have this picture in my mind of exactly what I want (never actually seen them, but they must be out there).

We eventually find some on EBay, and luckily we have some friends visiting the UK (the website would not deliver to France) so we order them and hope that they arrive before they return to France.

John has been busy finishing off the wood work on the stairs to the top floor, he has again added some architraving to finish off the edges, but this time it will all be painted white, some of the wood had been painted previously and to try to remove the paint at this height would be a terrible job and to be honest it does look OK in white.

He has also worked on the 2 sky light windows on the top floor as there is still a draught around these; we do have some new windows to replace them with but until the weather improves John does not want to get on the roof.

Today has been one of those days where we have not stopped but we do not really have any photographs of anything as there does not seem to be much outcome, days like this are really bad as they do get you down a little bit, it is an awful feeling to work so hard and yet have nothing to show for it, but you do have to get used to it, not every day can have fantastic results and the bits that can’t be seen are often the bits that make 
the most difference to your comfort.

But on the positive side I have finally found my tea pots and I really thought I was starting to run out of options for these!

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