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Picking the Right Flooring for Your Renovation Project

Picking the Right Flooring for Your Renovation Project

Picking out the right flooring for your renovation project is a pretty daunting task and will be an expensive mistake to make if you get it wrong. Getting your flooring right depends upon both your personal taste and practical needs. Your make-up of your household will be crucial in deciding what durability you require. Ask yourself the following questions and you'll find choosing a suitable long-term flooring solution much easier:

What size is your family? I.e., how much foot traffic will your flooring need to handle? 

If you have a large family, it's clear you are going to need a tougher flooring solution than those properties which home just a professional couple. Think about the spaces which will be used most, such as lounge and kitchen. These rooms will need to be more durable than occasional use spaces like guest rooms.

There are rooms that will need to be particularly durable whatever the predicted foot fall however. Your kitchen floor needs to withstand spills and drops as you cook, while the bathroom floor needs to handle moisture. Durable hardwood flooring is clean and elegant, a nice choice for either space.

Do you have any pets? Will your flooring be easy to clean in the case of any 'accidents'?

If you've got pets, assess the likelihood that they will affect the longevity of your flooring. You don't want to fork out on lavish carpet only to have it stained with dog's doo-doo within days of fitting. If you've got a cat there's the dilemma of scratched carpet pile or floorboards?! If you are a pet owner, natural stone flooring is a safe and easy to clean bet. Natural stone floor tiles and granite are both great for bathrooms too, as they are not warped by moisture.

How many years would you like your flooring to last for, ideally?

When it comes to flooring, you get what you pay for. So think carefully before going budget. The better quality you can afford, the longer your flooring should last. This is particularly true of laminate flooring. If you are renovating to rent, the idea of low cost kitchen laminate may appeal, but unless you have extremely conscientious tenants you run the risk of having to replace in just a few years. Cheap laminate often comes up at the corners and warps when wet.

Do you want to maximise the appearance of space?

If the illusion of more space is desired through the use of your flooring, opt for tiles that are fitted in a diagonal design or choose extra-large tiles that will enhance the visual space. Don't be afraid to choose dark flooring either, used alongside a cool wall colour this can also make a room feel larger.

What's your budget?

Ultimately budget is going to be the deciding factor on which flooring you should get. As already mentioned, go for the best you can afford when it comes to hardwood flooring, tiles and laminate. If you like the look if carpet, balance expenditure with purpose. Perhaps treat yourself to a thick luxurious pile in the bedroom but opt for a cheaper design in the children's playroom. If you want nice carpets but extra protection, lay down a complimenting rug to protect from wear and tear in areas of high foot traffic.

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