Sunday, 16 March 2014

Renovation project - We win the worlds worst grandparents award (Again!!!!!)

Renovation project - We win the worlds worst grandparents award (Again!!!!!)

We have spent the day shopping today, we are trying desperately to find some bedroom chairs and bedside tables, I know exactly what I want, but like the tea pots I haven’t actually found them!

We do find some bedside tables that should be perfect for the big bedroom and John finds a small cabinet for the top of landing, I really think this is too small and want a big cabinet there, but we agree (you know the sort of agreement, John wants it and I am, well if you really want it have it, but I don’t think it’s right, sort of agreement!)

We also buy some floating shelves to use as bedside tables in the back bedroom.

We bring them back and the bedside tables look awful in the big bedroom, but look really good in the back bedroom, the little cabinet is far too small for the landing but looks good in the big bedroom!!!!

Not what we planned but all works well in the long run, we set the back bedroom up and it really is taking shape.

However I did lose track of the days, my baby granddaughter spends this day at my parents and my mum always Skype’s us so we can say hello, I mixed up my days so wasn’t here for the Skype call, we realise when we see the missed call.

I telephone my mum to have a chat and she tells me that she had left the lap top in the living room and my baby granddaughter had been going to it all day and banging it shouting memememememe at the screen and getting upset that I didn’t appear.

I am absolutely gutted, I could just cry all night, my baby granddaughter knows me and knows that I speak on this day and we weren’t there (I wasn’t ready to be called granny just yet and chose the name meme instead), she can say it!!!! And I wasn’t there, this is the first of my granddaughters firsts that I have missed, will she ever forgive me, will I ever forgive myself (and if my mum reads this, will she ever forgive herself for telling me and now reading what a state I am in?????)

This sounds like an episode of the TV comedy SOAP, except it isn’t TV, it’s real life, and even 18 months after leaving some things will come back and slap you so hard that it is like just leaving all over again, these moments are fewer and further apart, but if you are going to do this, don’t think that they will stop entirely after a period of time, because they won’t.

How can you see photo's like this and not have your heart strings tugged?


  1. Next time your grand daughter sees you all will be forgotten. Had you been in UK you can't be with her 24/7 it's tough but something that happens and she will just be happy to see you next time. Cheer up!

    1. Thank you, she was happy the next time we skyped, luckily babies have very small memories :)