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Making Your New House a Home

Making Your New House a Home

They say that 'home is where the heart is' and ask anyone living apart from loved ones and you'll know this to be true... But a house can never really feel like home unless you put your own stamp on it too. If you've recently moved house, you'll know that interior design can help to make your mark on your new home.

Achieving a home interior that is welcoming and personal takes careful thought. Read on for some simple tips on getting it right.

Reflect your personal taste

Read up about interior design and you may be persuaded that you need to follow the latest design trends. Don't. Go with your heart and play with design that reflects your personal tastes. Whilst 'Country & Living' might suggest this season is about monochrome, don't feel you can't add an explosion of colour to your walls. The key to great interior design is bringing out your personality and creating a space that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Embrace the unique

As you design a room that reflects your family's loves and interests, look out for the unique. This may be unique personal belongings that can be used to create an eye catching ornament or unusual fabrics. If you’re on a budget, you might be tempted to opt for IKEA wonders. In moderation this is fine, but balance mass-produced items with unusual purchases from car boot sales, jumble sales and antiques shops. Experiment with mixing old and new.

Throw out the rule book

Every living room needs a sofa, right? Wrong. There's really no need to stick with tradition as you decorate your new property or renovation. Think about what really works in your space as opposed to what you see in a design magazine. Switch a settee for comfortable arm chairs and a window bench, for example. Another common interior mistake is pushing sofas and chairs up against the wall in an attempt to make the room look bigger, sometimes floating your furniture so that you can walk behind and in front of an item will actually create the desired effect of more space.

Bring life into your designs

If there's one finishing touch that will really help bring vitality and positivity in to your home, it's plant life. Whether you go for a beautiful bouquet or a tropical potted shrub, topiary can brighten up any room.
Just be sure to maintain these plants for maximum benefit. A drooping peace lily will not have quite the same effect! 

Layer your lighting

When you move into a new home, lighting may not seem a huge concern... Just pop on a new lampshade and away you go! However, the right lighting can completely transform your home, setting an intimate mood in the bedroom and fresh feel in the kitchen or upping productivity in your home office. Consider layering your lighting with multiple options per room - dimmer switches, floor lamps and side lights.

You can never have too many pictures

Memories are one of life's most precious things and when you are surrounded by photographic evidence of your most treasured times, it can only be uplifting.

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