Sunday, 23 March 2014

Renovation Project - A French Face Lift

Renovation Project - A French Face Lift

It has finally stopped raining! I didn’t believe anywhere could rain as much as it has done here since Christmas, it really did feel like the rain would never stop, the weather had been getting me down quite a lot and Spain had suddenly started to seem a lot more appealing, but today the sun is out for the 2nd day on the run and the whole feel of the town is different. There is a spring in the step as well as spring in the air.
In the garden the first flowers have started to come out, it is amazing the impact that a couple of garden flowers can have on you.

But as we have had 2 days of sun and the forecast is for more good weather all week, we are going to paint the house; we will no longer be the scruffs on the street!

John has borrowed some big ladders from a friend and we get them in place, we have dust sheets covering the ground. This job would be easiest with a roller but as we do not want to cause too much mess, a roller would spray everywhere, John is going to do it with a big paint brush.

We cover the neighbour’s car with a dust sheet just to be on the safe side, but our French neighbour offers to call at the car owners house and ask him to move it, which he does with a smile! Sometimes I still can’t get used to having such friendly neighbours.

The ladders are up and my job is to stand at the bottom of the ladders with my feet placed firmly on the bottom, this will prevent the ladders from slipping away from the wall (if they slide either side John is on his own!)

Now this may seem like an easy job, but by the end, my legs were killing me, this is not a natural position for your feet and I think I did more to tone my legs on this one day than I would’ve done had I spent 2 months in a gym!

People walking past all stopped to comment and admire the work, it really did make that much difference, I am going to add photographs from before, during and after, just so that you can see the difference it has made.

 The only thing is now, we look around and think of the different houses that could do with a lick of paint and can now legitimately say, bloody scruffs, don’t you think they would paint their house, they’re bringing down the neighbourhood!!!!!!


  1. Looks great, it's amazing what brilliant white paint can do! Finishing touches. Hugh