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Choosing a Composite Door for Your Renovation

Choosing a Composite Door for Your Renovation

Wherever you’re based, composite front doors are a brilliant choice for both security and letting light in. There’s nothing that will uplift your home more than plenty of natural light, and the right front door can make a huge difference. If you’re looking for the right door for your renovation project, there are a surprising number of composite door styles to choose from – this article explains more.

First of all…

What is a Composite door

You’ve probably come across UPVC and, of course, wooden doors. Composite are the newest form of door on the market in the UK and use a mix of both PVC and wood as well as insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic to overcome common flaws found in single material door types. They are designed for maximum thermal and weathering resistance. They are produced to have a wood look but require much less maintenance. In fact, you can get away with just wiping over your door with a damp cloth if it’s looking a little grubby – no need to repaint or varnish.

Due to their mix of materials, composite doors are extremely strong and secure. 

Here’s a look at the most popular styles and what they’re appropriate for:

Maximum Privacy

When you want a high amount of privacy whilst still allowing light in, the Bedford style composite door is the first you should look at. It features a simple semi-circular pain of glass, decorative or frosted to suit your taste. The Kent style also features minimal glass, with two squares side-by-side at the top of the door (above a door knocker) although additional rectangular glass panes are another option. Lastly, the Gloucester Riding Door design which features a cottage style look with just one diamond or square glazed panel at the top of the door – great as a front or back door.

Maximum light

Maximise light with a large rectangular glass upper, the Suffolk and Norfolk style composite doors have just that. The glass panes take up half the door structure with a post box sitting neatly beneath. The Essex and Surrey doors have the traditional feel of a Georgian door with two thin rectangular glass panels, again great for letting in plenty of light. A high quality door manufacturer will ensure the right glass won’t jeopardise security which ever design you chose.


What about when you only want to let maximum light in occasionally? Consider the versatility of stable doors or twin doors (a nice alternative to a back door or on your front porch). A stable doors gives a traditional feel with one small diamond pane when both parts of the door are closed – but the option to swing open the top of the door and let the sun shine in when the weathers right. A nice choice for a kitchen back door when you want to let any steam or cooking smells out.

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