Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Renovation project - The snagging list starts

Renovation project - The snagging list starts

The floors are finished as is most of the woodwork, so it’s time to start on some of the snagging jobs. You would think that rebuilding the house is what would take the longest but you would be mistaken. The longest and hardest aspect of doing a job like this is the snagging list once you have almost finished. This is where you go around and list every little job that has been missed and will include adding silicone to the tops of skirting boards (because of course every wall is so wonky that there will always be gaps and sorting out the little jobs that have to wait till the end.

So our back bedroom and hallway and bathroom look almost finished, but there is still so much to do!
We have some pipes in this room, which are covered temporarily, this now needs to be put in place so that it does not look like there is a piece of wood covering the pipes!

The window also is not finished, John had plastered boarded this wall as it had been tiled previously, we now need to make sure that it all works together (there is a gap between the wall and the window frame) John is going to add just normal architrave to this (the sort that you find around your doors) I still can’t imagine how this will look, but I trust John.

So whilst I am sanding down walls and filling all of the marks, this is actually a job worse than scrubbing the floors and at this moment I could happily go back to the floors that I have complained about for the last 18 months, I now fully understand that old saying that the grass isn’t always greener! It’s not; it’s dustier and dirtier than ever before!

When I come to look at the window, I am shocked, it looks like it should always have been this way, it looks so much tidier and neater and has some extra insulation in it.

John also sorts out the new plug sockets and again there is some choice language coming from him as he tries to drill into the granite, don’t worry John it will all be worth it when it is finished and for some reason these little words of wisdom do not appease him, he really can be a grumpy sod at times! But at least he continues to work whilst he is grumpy so it’s not all bad.

John you have just redeemed yourself from yesterdays heater issue! Now all that is left is for me to paint it, but luckily that will be tomorrow, right now I need a large glass of wine and a comfy settee where I can put my feet up and relax, and guess what? We now have that, I can sit and relax, we really are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are going to be finished, which is lucky as we plan on opening for Easter!

Aarrgghhhhhh where is that wine!!!!!!!!!

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