Sunday, 9 February 2014

Renovation project - Evolution Fury 3, not what it said on the box!

Renovation project - Evolution Fury 3, not what it said on the box!

Today is a disaster, Johns new super duper chop saw has broken, we bought an Evolution Fury 3 last Christmas when we were in the UK, this was being sold as one of the next generation of saw’s with an indestructible blade and it was on special offer at half price, the saw cuts through anything, the blade is so good, or at least it did when it worked! One would presume the saw behind it would be as good as the blade.

I e-mail Evolution to see if there is anything they can do as we have not kept the receipt, we receive an e-mail back saying that because it is just over a year old and do not have the receipt, there is nothing they can do, but they do offer to fix it for a set amount and pick it up and deliver to any UK address (not very helpful as I said we took it to France!) the amount it would cost to fix it, was only £20 less than we paid for it. We certainly do not recommend that you buy one of these unless you keep the receipt, as the company obviously do not expect it to last more than a year! We have to let you know the blade is still good, it’s just not much use without the saw, maybe we will frame it?

So it is a trip to the builder’s merchant to buy a new one as we cannot finish the job without a good saw! We are so peeved off.

When we are at the builders merchant we look at paint and varnish as we are starting to run short, the paint is not good in France, we have made a point of buying all of our supplies in France, but paint is not one of them.

As we tot up the price of what we need to buy, we start to think that it may be worth going over to the UK for a shopping trip as John can buy what we need at trade price, we also need curtains and bits and pieces for the B&B when it is open, I have found a fantastic hotel supplier online, but again it is free delivery to the UK.

The amount it will cost us to buy what we need in France would be the same with the ferry fare to the UK, the decision is made and we book a ticket to the UK, we are going to be there for 3 nights, so I will be able to see the baby. I message my daughter and she is so excited but points out that she is going away for the weekend, I say this is really bad planning until her partner points out that actually it was me that booked the weekend away for them, it was the Christmas present, I had forgotten!

It is not a major problem as we will be leaving the morning they go away.

The ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth does not run during January, so we try the Caen to Portsmouth route, luckily it was a calm journey, we have somehow missed the storms, thank goodness.

We drive up to Manchester, this should be a 4 hour journey but due to the traffic, the journey takes over 7 hours, we do not miss the traffic in the UK, we are not even out of Portsmouth before we hit the first traffic jam, the traffic goes for as far as the eye can see! In our part of France if you see 2 cars on the road you wonder why it is so busy!

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