Friday, 28 February 2014

Renovation Project - Menopause versus toothache equals no winners!!!!!

Renovation Project - Menopause versus toothache equals no winners!!!!!

I have had the night from hell and many women reading this will understand and those that don’t you have no idea what is in store for you!

At 4 am I woke with a feeling that somebody had tried to set fire to my skin from the inside and my body was trying to put it out with a bucket of sweat (gross I know but that is the only way to describe it)

I have had a night sweat or a hot sweat, yes I am approaching that dreadful female age. It takes a while to go down and a while longer before I can get back to sleep, my first thought was why didn’t this happen last year when we were freezing and had no heating, my second thought was, it was obviously named by a man, as a hot sweat does not describe what happened last night.

I get up and feel like crap, I’m not a good sleeper at the best of times, but this was dreadful.

But hey ho life goes on, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of sympathy, did I? No I didn’t!!!!!  John has his toothache back and tells me how bad it is and is in a mood all day with his toothache!!!!

I’m normally a sympathetic person but for goodness sake, it‘s a toothache, someone has just tried to set me on fire from the inside!!!!!

So as you can imagine today is not a good day, but the work stops for nothing and we soldier on with some bickering throughout the day (well actually I think I could quite easily have murdered him every time he spoke to me today)

We spend the day working in different rooms, john is plastering the wall in the back bedroom, he has always been unhappy with this wall and at least now something good will come from today.

 By the end of the day the wall is finished as are the bits of plastering in the bathroom and on the stairs, we only have one more wall to plaster before we move on to the decorating and finishing.

That sounds so good to say, we are going to be finished soon!


  1. I know exactly how your feeling with the night sweats, I have had them for the past 2 years and sorry but they do get more frequent and they definitely don't just happen at night!
    Love following your blogg, I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with your B&B. Your house is looking lovely.
    Regards Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thank you for writing, I have an awful feeling that will last for a while as i am still reasonably young!
      glad you are enjoying the blog :)
      kindest regards

  2. Ha ha have to laugh about your menopausal experiences sounds oh so familiar!!!! The house is coming along fab so can't wait to see it.............................

    1. Hi Jac, at least John and Ste can support each other when you come over, as long as Ste doesn't have a toothache!!!!!!!

  3. Ah, the menopause (why is the word "men" in there?)
    Men have many fine qualities but understanding the menopause and the fact that it turns women into weepy, hysterical, grumpy, illogical, pain wracked, night & day sweating maniacs is not one of them.

    You can try HRT or natural remedies but at the risk of being deemed politically incorrect, the only thing that worked for me was wine and time and walking away when I wanted to kill someone..

    Might start new blog category- renovating whilst menopausal


    1. Hi Gill
      yes the word men does feature in many female problems ha ha
      with you on the non politically correct remedy of wine and working in different rooms!
      think your blog idea may become a best seller :)
      Jenny x

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Not nice to wake up like that, but believe me, it will be better after a while. I been through and i'm happy now.


    1. Hi Elke
      It's really nice to have you aboard :)
      glad you have got to the other side, hopefully it won't be too long for me too (but have a dreadful feeling due to my age, it may be a slow process, poor John!)

  5. I seemed to have got off lightly compared to you. I did take a herb remedy, don't know if it was that or luck!

    As you say; nearly finished, Hope you get lots of bookings this summer

  6. Thanks Anji, what was the herbal remedy?

  7. It was really unfortunate that you had to experience such a troublesome event. I hope everything went well from that on. How's your husband's toothache? If the pain lasts an entire day then it would be best to visit a dentist to check what's up. Take care, Jenny.

    Wallace Tucker

  8. Thank you, the toothache has now been looked at and will hopefully be resolved soon, unfortunately for me (and John) I think the menopause has a little longer to last!