Saturday, 8 February 2014

Renovation project - Scrapyard challenge

Renovation project - Scrapyard challenge

Today is a day spent on bits and pieces in the house, we had managed to find some steel tubes when we went to the scrap yard and John is going to fit them. We had taken the wall down in the kitchen but we cannot leave the room open as there is a big step down from where the hall was into the kitchen, we cannot remove this step and level it as the drains run along here.

John uses a piece of 3x2 or scant and attaches this to the wall and the old oak beam, he then uses a hole cutter to make sure the holes are the exact size, once done this is connected and the bars are in place. This is one of the easiest jobs he has done so far but it really does make a big difference.

When you have a problem area look at all possible solutions, I would never have dreamed of having these bars but they do look good as the wood and steel match the kitchen, we had thought of having a readymade handrail, but these were so expensive and not quite long enough. We have been looking for something suitable for a couple of months and it was only the trip to the scrap yard that we found these steel bars, they were also sold by weight, so cost approx 30 euro’s, Bargain!!!!

We would recommend having a look around scrap yards as they appear to sell many items, we also bought what we think may be a silver teapot and sugar bowl, we will be asking a friend to check the hall mark. I even managed to buy my friend on the farm in the UK a present, a beautiful copper kettle, I do hope I manage to clean it up before I give it to her, but somehow I don’t think I will!

John also adds the metal shelves to the kitchen,  we had bought these about a year ago and had planned to use them elsewhere in the kitchen but didn’t, and as we do not waste anything we kept them knowing that they would come in useful.
As the day has been spent on bits and pieces we do finish early and so decide to visit some friends, they had called the other day but we were so busy and as we really don’t see much of anybody we thought we would call up, they were having a problem with the new computer that they bought (mainly because everything was in French).

We call up and spend so long trying to sort it out, but she cannot remember the password to her Google account, this is the one that she uses for her e-mails, we try to log on and fill in all the security details but they are wrong, I am starting to get so stressed and feel so bad as she had been able to get her e-mails on her tablet, but there are none on there either now, Oh My God! I tried to help and have lost everything, there is nothing I can do, after some time trying everything, I can only apologise and set up another account in his name, this time the passwords are written down and kept some where safe (the old ones were written down also but the safe place was very safe!).

After quite some time, she actually explains that the reason there are no e-mails on the tablet are because she deletes them!!!!!!!! Which is followed by sorry, I should have said that!!!!!! Should have said that!!!!, yes you should, I have been frantic thinking that I had lost all of her e-mails, later that night she also calls me to say that she found the passwords! Aarrrgggghhhhhh, it’s a good job I love these people, and they throw some of the best parties in Huelgoat.

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