Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Renovation Project - Didsbury, Manchester - The place to be

Renovation Project - Didsbury, Manchester - The place to be

We finally arrive in Stockport, which is a town near to Manchester and start to do some shopping, we get the towels and curtains that we need and some other bit and pieces, but by this time we are knackered, we are glad that we have managed to get a lot of the shopping out of the way.

This is such a flying visit and every day is set out with military precision.

We are staying at Johns parents tonight and visiting John’s daughter, tomorrow will be more shopping and Leigh and Lilly, then on to my parents and spending tomorrow with my daughter before setting off on Sunday back to France, what could possibly go wrong!

Well it starts to go wrong tonight, Johns daughter has had to work late so cannot see us until tomorrow night, this means that I will go to my parents and John will stay in Manchester for an extra night, which in the end isn’t that bad as we don’t manage to get all of the shopping done on the Friday.

We have a late dinner at Chicken Cottage (one of John’s favourite places) which was also made famous by appearing in the TV series Shameless.

My daughter picks me up from Johns parents on the Friday night and we stop off for a cake and milkshake at Cake Away , this is just up the road from Johns parents and the cakes can easily rival any patisserie in France. 
cake away, fog lane Didsbury, Manchester

cake away, fog lane Didsbury, Manchester

cake away, fog lane Didsbury, Manchester
cake away, fog lane Didsbury, Manchester

The shop is set out with comfy leather sofas and they even do delivery! Yes, seriously a cake shop that delivers, could you ever ask for more.

If you ever go to Manchester, I would seriously recommend a quick detour to Fog Lane in Didsbury to visit this shop!

And for those who have an interest in music, there is a little record shop across the road that was made famous by an Oasis song, MrSifters, it is still there and it is the archetypal record shop, I didn’t realise that they still existed.

The Manchester area always amazes me, as being more of a country girl, it takes some time to get used to walking down a road and finding yourself in a different area, for example, Fog Lane is in Didsbury, but if you cross the big main road you will be in Burnage, the birthplace of the Gallagher brothers from Oasis, walk further up the road and you are in Longsight, then on to Rusholme's famous curry mile.

Manchester is a famous city but if you go out a little further you will find some areas that have so many famous links that almost every shop or road has been featured on the TV, in a film or on a record!
But I digress (which is really easy to do when you are in such a big city with so little time)

John spends Saturday morning buying the paint and varnish and I have spent the night with my baby granddaughter, she is just the cutest little thing ever.

I am really excited at getting to my parents, not only do I get to see all of my family but I also get to collect all of my hotel delivery, I had ordered on line from Out Of Eden, before we left France and the goods have arrived, the delivery was fantastic and the goods are even better, I am so excited, we really are getting there. 

We have ordered the little toiletry welcome packs and lots of little teeny tiny jars of jams, they are so cute, we really are going to be having a B&B soon!

We spend Saturday night in Macclesfield and visit Mash Guru again, this really is going to be our local when we visit my daughter (unless she decides to move again, which I’m rather hoping she doesn’t for a little while).

Sunday arrives far too quickly and it’s time to head back to Portsmouth for the ferry, we’re knackered, the car is so heavily loaded we wonder if everything will actually fit in, but it does, goodbye everybody see you in a few months time.

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