Sunday, 10 September 2017

Renovation project - Surveys, Surveys and more Surveys

Renovation project - Surveys, Surveys and more Surveys
I have realised that it has been sometime since I blogged and I apologise, but I really had no idea just how stressful selling 2 houses in 2 countries would actually be, so I feel a little more human and can now get back to the blog. I will pick up where I left off and surprisingly this one ends with me saying how stressful it is starting to get!
We arrive back in France and for the first time neither of us have been ill on a visit back to the UK, that really has to be a first.
We get to the house and have a look round and think that we need to get everything in place and ready. The diagnostiques will be checking all over the house, and the guy will be here in the morning.
Then I check my e-mails, the diagnostique company has e-mailed to change the date, it is over a week away, this is not good at all. I ring the company and there is nothing they can do, I realise how difficult it is to argue in a different language. I don’t want to be too awful but I can’t find the right words, (however my tone is definitely coming through) i have no choice, it is still difficult to speak on the phone, so trying to argue when nobody can see my expression means I accept the next appointment, only John can see me hopping about waving my arms.
I am not happy, but there is nothing to be done.
Later that day we also receive a telephone call from the estate agent in the UK, the survey has been arranged for the UK house on the same day as our diagnostiques are being completed, later still I have an email from the Notaire, he has arranged for Veolia (the water company) to come out and survey our drains, again on the same day.
OK maybe this is all going to be a little bit stressful. But after next Thursday, things can only get better, assuming everything passes and the UK survey values the house at the amount the buyers have offered.
I had no idea that the UK surveyors could value it for less and that would put a spanner in the works.
But today we are going out for dinner, my head is banging, my stress levels are through the roof and I am not cooking, I want a steak burger with a bottle of wine and I want somebody to bring it to my table with a smile.

Crepuscule here we come.
I am so glad we came here as seeing the special board really cheered me up, souris d’agneau, which I could only translate as mouse of lamb! It was lamb shank, but somehow, mouse of lamb sounded so much better 
Jenny and john in France, renovation project. Le Crepuscule, Huelgoat

Jenny and john in France, renovation project. Le Crepuscule, Huelgoat

Jenny and john in France, renovation project. Le Crepuscule, Huelgoat

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