Friday, 22 September 2017

Renovation project - Exchange date in the UK

Renovation project - Exchange date in the UK
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The exchange is now due for Wednesday, but once we were assured that the solicitors had everything they needed and nothing more was sent to the UK house, we arranged to go home, we will be leaving on Wednesday, but before we go we stop off at the house with a nice bottle of champagne for the new owners and a list of everything they will need to know.
We also drop of some cider and rose wine for the neighbours so they could try the Breton version.
On the Wednesday we drive home and stop at a service station every so often to see if the e-mail has come through saying the exchange has taken place, the day gets more and more stressful as we start to believe that it will not happen again and tomorrow we will not be able to e-mail our consent as we will not have any internet.
We decided to travel home via the Dover – Calais route as the Plymouth – Roscoff was just so expensive. So it is 2 days of driving but we do get to spend the evening in Boulogne sur Mer, we have stayed here before and the restaurants are really lovely (we didn’t really sight see this time but if you want to have a look around here is the link to our last visit).
As we are sat at Dover port the phone rings, it is the estate agent, they are ringing to let us know that the exchange has finally gone through. The feeling of relief is enormous.
This is it.
The house is really being sold.
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  1. Congrats! Now just for the house in France. Then on to Portugal!

  2. Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear about the next adventure in Portugal.

  3. So happy for you !! Looking forward to your new adventures.

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