Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Renovation project - We have accepted an offer

Renovation project - We have accepted an offer
We have another week in the UK as we need to get the solicitor sorted and everything in place for the sale, as hopefully it should be very straightforward, the buyers have already sold and need to move quickly, this could not be better for us as we can move as quickly as they like.
But now we have a dilemma with the French house, we are still having interest but we have not had that offer yet. We discuss this and decide to drop the price, hopefully then when we get back too France we may have more luck in selling it.
I give all interested parties a days notice then put the advert on the blog and face book, within a few hours I have received an e-mail. We chat for a while and then the offer comes,
We cannot believe we have sold two houses in two countries within a week, but now we are in a real quandary as which country do we stay in?
The UK house is ready to go, the buyers are happy to have the furniture left, which is a bonus for us as we would not want to try to sell everything even thought the washing machine is only 3 weeks old (I have discovered I have another priority in life, toilet, shower ad now washing machine, I think I am the most easily pleased person in the world!)
We decide we need to be in France sooner rather than later and book our ferry back, I had really not expected to be in this situation and probably should’ve waited until we were in France before reducing the price.
But hey that is life and I’m not complaining.
Luckily as I used to work as an estate agent in France I am aware of all that is required, we book our diagnostiques on line and these will be completed on Tuesday morning so we need to be back at the weekend.
It’s a quick round of goodbyes to all the family, but it is not so bad this time as we know we will be back again in a few weeks to sign the final contract

It is a strange journey home as we are both still in a state of shock at the sales, but hopefully all will be well with no problems after all, what could possibly go wrong? 
 I am sure it will not be stressful at all


  1. Many Congratulations and looking forward to more news and adventures !!