Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Renovation project - Stress, stress, stress

Renovation project -  Stress, stress, stress
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The surveys are completed and there are no problems, I speak to the UK agent who says that there was a little thing but nothing to worry about, the buyers will get the survey in the next couple of days, the French ones show a couple of anomalies but nothing bad and the water survey is perfect.
OK its hopefully full steam ahead.
I contact the UK solicitor and don’t get a reply, that seems normal practice for the UK, I then get an e-mail saying it has been passed to contracts; yippee it’s on the final stage.
We make arrangements to go back to the UK for the final signing and also because we have just had a new baby grandson. This is such a happy trip.
I am still waiting to hear if we can still exchange on Friday? (It is now Wednesday and we leave tomorrow early morning)
We don’t have much response from the solicitor. We contact the estate agent to see what the holdup is, they contact the solicitor and we are told we are just waiting for some replies to the enquiries.
Then I get an e-mail, with a list of questions! These are the questions we are waiting for answers for, we had never even been asked the questions. We also find out that the final contract had been sent to the UK for signing and they are waiting for that.
Wow the stress levels are now through the roof. I manage to get everything sent back to them before we leave with an e-mail that leaves the solicitor in no doubt of how I am feeling; this is much easier to do in English!
Apparently the exchange is still planned for Friday and yes you guessed it as much as me, it didn’t happen, we are now aiming for Monday, oops that didn’t happen either, now its Wednesday so fingers crossed.
We have also been informed that we must contact the solicitor every day to confirm that we want to sell; it is very difficult to do this without a great deal of sarcasm. If only everything was a simple as a French sale with no English solicitors to mess it up.
The one thing we can say is that the estate agents have been great, they have answered every phone call, chased up everything we have asked them to and been pro active chasing up the solicitor (who still hasn’t returned my call)
But on a positive note we have had a great time with the family and visiting the new baby on a slightly more negative note; John has got an abscess and infection in his mouth again, so we have a trip to the doctors for some anti biotics

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