Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Planete Chocolat

Planete Chocolat
The stress has not really reduced until today, today is a fantastic day, I treated myself to a box of chocolates, not just any chocolates but luxury Belgian chocolates that will be delivered to my door!
I am a big chocolate lover and at times the only thing to reduce the stress I am feeling is chocolate, but it is not something I eat a lot of here in France though as it is both very expensive or not that readily available in our little village.
But there is a site that has amazing Belgian chocolate that can be delivered to your door here in France, called Planete Chocolat and if you click the link you will see that at the moment you can get free delivery within 24 hours
The delivery is tracked with emails arriving to let you know that they are being delivered and at what time to expect them, unfortunately ours was one of the last deliveries so I had to wait all day, but believe me the wait was worth it and the packaging that it came in made sure that there was no damage to the box.
The presentation was so nice. The box was something that you would want to use again after the chocolates are finished (which didn’t actually take many days) but the box was not the only part of the presentation, the box came in a great bag with a greeting card, my chocolates actually greeted me!

But the presentation aside, the chocolates were pure luxury, I had the pralines selection and my only difficulty was choosing a favourite, which I never managed, maybe after my next box.
But don’t worry if you don’t live in France, Planete Chocolat also deliver worldwide, so you won’t miss out.

Thank you Planete Chocolat for helping to reduce my stress levels
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