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How to keep the cost of renovating your bathroom down

How to keep the cost of renovating your bathroom down

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The cost of renovating your bathroom doesn't always have to be high. You can carry out various processes to save yourself time and money. 

A bathroom should be a platform via which you stamp your creative mark at the home. Don't forget that bathrooms should be renovated over time as they are prone to wear.

How much do you need to change? 

The less you desire to change, the cheaper the process will be. Don't mind your small budget; modify the appearance of your bathroom by only painting the walls, sticking up new towel rails and shelving and replacing tap handles. Avoid re-tiling as it might be quite expensive for most bathrooms. Instead, put overlay directly over the tiles to reduce the demolition work needed.

Why you shouldn't move your plumbing fixtures.

New plumbing can cost you a lot. This doesn't mean that keeping your cost low is impossible. Ensure you reuse the existing waste points and water supply areas for your bathtub, shower, and floor waste.

Get your hands dirty

If you are able and willing, doing most of the renovation part you save on labour costs. This doesn't imply that you can't hire an expert for the whole process; you can engage a professional when it comes to complex phases such as demolition

Shopping around for materials reduces your cost of renovation

Do you have the inclination and time?

Shop around and buy materials, fixtures and fittings yourself. Before you start shopping, know exactly what is needed. For instance, floor tiles differ from wall tiles. Also, bathroom wall paints should be resistant to moisture. When buying a tub, go for one that has wastes at certain ends to lower your installation cost. Ensure you have all the required materials with you before renovation starts to avoid unnecessary delays along the way. If you would like to know some rough estimates on the cost of renovating your bathroom

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