Saturday, 26 August 2017

Renovation project - We have sold the UK house

Renovation project - We have sold the UK house
The house is ready to go on the market and the appointment has been booked for the photographs.
Before this is completed we actually have a couple of viewings, these were people on the estate agent books, looking for this type of property, this is why it is essential to have a good agent that knows the area as they may have somebody waiting to buy your house before the advert is printed.
But booth viewings just did not sit right, they were developers who both wanted to turn my lovely family home into bedsits, they both said they would be high quality, high level bedsits but it would still mean that yet another family home disappears and the neighbours would have a night mare with parking.
But we cannot turn down a house buyer, we just hope that somebody else will come along; after all it is not even on the market yet!
The day comes when all the photos have been edited and the advert goes live, we have a call immediately from the estate agent with a viewing. So its fingers crossed, we have 3 days to wait.
Those days are spent having an amazing time with the kids we even have 2 of them stay together for a sleepover. The time we get to spend here is fantastic and my heart starts to pull a bit knowing that we will be leaving again soon, but our next stage in life is waiting and all the kids and grandkids cannot wait for our new place in Portugal with the sunshine and the pool.
I get to see my granddaughters first sports day so even with living out of the country for 5 years I have never missed a first with her yet.
Tuesday arrives, the house is cleaned to within an inch of its life and the viewers turn up. They are a young family, exactly what the house needs and apparently exactly what they need, as within half an hour of them leaving they put an offer on and we accept.

We have sold
Woo hoo and to the nicest young family possible, there will be no developers, no problems with parking just nice people to mix in with our nice neighbours I don’t think I could be any happier. 
Well I would be if we sold the French house as well


  1. Congratulations on finding buyers you are happy with.

    1. thank you, they were a lovely family, I just hope they are as happy there