Sunday, 6 July 2014

Swingers B&B in Brittany

Swingers B&B in Brittany

The B&B is becoming more and more successful, we are having regular guests and since going on to we have many more booked in.

All is going well, my French is improving by the day and I am chatting with my guests, we seemed to have fallen into a routine, I will get up in the morning and walk to the boulangerie to buy the fresh croissants, John will brew the coffee, guests have a great breakfast and then leave very happy, John sorts out the rooms and does the laundry and we're ready for the next guest as I concentrate on the estate agency and my French, sounds idyllic doesn't it? And it is in the most part, but sometimes we do make little mistakes such as the one the other night, where I think we may have gained the wrong reputation for the B&B.

We had 2 French workers staying and as one was getting ready I was sorting the other out with the wifi password, John and I are in the kitchen so I make some small talk and ask if he has had a good night, he looks very surprised by this comment, so I ask again and again the surprised look at both me and John, I try one final time and then give up, we both laugh as obviously something was lost in translation, it is later that night that I realise what was lost in translation!

I had asked him if he wanted a good night!!!!!! and not once, but 3 times whilst looking at John!!!!!!!
Oh My God, no wonder he looked so surprised!!!!! He must think we're swingers!!!!!!

I dread to think what he was going to tell his colleagues or anybody else for that matter.

I now have 2 french lessons a week and not just one! We want a reputation, but one based on quality not 'extras'

PS we do not provide extra's this is the definition of lost in translation

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