Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Renovation project - French Tax Returns

Renovation project - French Tax Returns

We have been getting plenty of guests, but we have realised we have not been getting any of the walk by guests, I have said this is because people cannot see our sign as they drive past, we have also realised that the sign we have does not have our telephone number on it.

Time to order a new sign, I want one that dangles over the door so that people can see it.

We order a new sign and some more cards, as these rapidly disappeared, I knew we should've ordered lots more. These are all expenses that we will not be able to claim back. But you have to expect that there will be set up costs if you want to be successful, and we do seem to be very successful!

The sign arrives and John has the fun of trying to work out how to hang it outside. We have a piece of metal bar in the barn and the chain that we had bought.

John drills a hole in the wall and attaches the sign with the chain and bolts it to make sure it is secure.
Now we really look like a B&B!
B&B's in Huelgoat, franceB&B's in Huelgoat, france

B&B's in Huelgoat, franceB&B's in Huelgoat, france

B&B's in Huelgoat, france

We have also received a lot of post, very official looking post, with a 200 Euro bill each, that’s not good!

We also had an e-mail that looks like we have a 4 thousand Euro bill each, bugger this was not something we had been expecting. This also looks very official and appears to have come from the tax!!!!!!

John takes a phone call, and the guy speaks really good English, but unfortunately John doesn't know what he is talking about, and asks him to ring back when I am in. he calls back and even though his English is very good, I still have no idea what he is talking about, but it is definitely something to do with this e-mail and the 4000 Euro bill.

I think tomorrow we will have a trip to our friend at the chambre of commerce and ask if she knows about it.

Now it's a case of sit back and wait for more bookings, and try not to think of this big bill, because that could mean the end of our dreams and the B&B will be on the market much sooner than we had ever planned. Please wish us luck!!!

but on a positive note, the sun is still shining!!!!!!!!!

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