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A guest post from Trend Direct UK

A guest post from Trend Direct UK

Essential Items for Every Tool Box
Most of us start to accumulate tools from a fairly young age – a screwdriver to access sealed battery compartments, an Allen key left over from some flat pack furniture and a steel tape measure are all prized possessions to imaginative youngsters. However, the creation of a proper toolbox requires a little more thought and preparation and there are some tools that every tool box must have!

Claw Hammer
The claw hammer is a DIYer's friend! Useful for putting in nails and removing them when necessary, there are few jobs that go a little smoother with the presence of a good claw hammer. Weigh the hammer in your hand before you buy it, making sure that it is balanced and easy to control, rather than head heavy which can lead to poor results. Most claw hammers are 16 ounces in weight, which is perfect for most uses.

Screwdrivers: Flat and Star (Phillips)
A comprehensive selection of both types of screwdriver in graduated sizes is a must in any tool box. They will help you to tackle many types of tasks, and having a full range of sizes will ensure that you always have the right tool for the job. A good modern alternative is to invest in an electric screwdriver with the various attachments.

Steel Tape
A measuring tape is a must for any type of job that requires precision. Invest in a good quality tape to ensure that the markings are accurate.

Spirit Level
Like a tape measure a spirit level is essential for making sure that you install shelves exactly level and ready to use.

Crescent Wrench
A crescent wrench is widely adjustable, meaning that it can be like having fifty spanners in one! It is tremendously useful for tightening or loosening bolts. If your job is going to entail a great number of nuts and bolts you may want to invest in a socket wrench as well, but for day to day tasks a crescent wrench is enough.

Pliers: Long-Nose And Short-Nose
If you can, purchase short-nosed pliers with a vice grip. The vice grip works to hold your work steady and in position while you use both hands elsewhere – much like the sorely needed third hand. Pliers come with other useful features such as integral wire cutters and wire strippers, so choose the right ones for your needs.

Utility Knife
A small sharp knife with replaceable blades is essential and useful for so many tasks – snipping through cable ties and strapping, slicing vacuum-sealed plastic, cutting through cardboard and even helping to finish off small surfaces. Buy a good quality sturdy knife and invest in strong blades that will not rust.

Cordless Drill
Finally, a drill is an essential and versatile piece of equipment. With the right attachments your drill can, as well as making holes, sandpaper wooden projects and act as a screwdriver. Cordless drills are best, as that removes the lengthy cable winding over the floor. Modern cordless drills have a good strong battery that will last for the duration of the job.

With these few tools there is little that cannot be accomplished by a determined handyman. At Trend Direct UK we pride ourselves on providing a full range of high quality tools, sure to delight the hearts of even the most discerning builder, artisan or hobbyist. Give us a call to discuss your needs, or go online to see the full range of products available – you won’t be sorry that you did.

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