Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Renovation Project - The 'G' word!

Renovation Project - The 'G' word!

The travel arrangements are all sorted, I am getting back to the UK to celebrate the baby’s first birthday, now that all the panic is over, it suddenly hits me, OMG I am so old!!!!!!!! 

Once the baby hits one, she is no longer a baby and I then have an official granddaughter, I am that age!!!!! 

Still not quite ready to be called granny yet, so we have opted for meme (also one of the easiest first words for a baby to say, but obviously that had nothing to do with it!). I also find out I am not alone, I have just read a funny magazine article about the ‘G’ word, there is a whole generation of us that love being the ‘G’ word, we’re just not ready to be called it, however I have a feeling that whatever Monika I choose, I am probably going to be called ‘Frenchie’ as this is how my daughter refers to me. (This may be a bit embarrassing when the baby is older and she shouts it in the street in France, but hey toddlers are cute whatever they do!)

Well time to crack on with the work, now that I am not semi hysterical all day. We now have to finish plastering the living room, the pointing is all done and John has to now make the plaster board look like it was the original wall.

This is no easy task, but he manages to round off all of the edges and I finally get the plastering I always wanted, it isn’t perfect and as smooth as glass (this still upsets John as it goes against everything he trained for) but it looks amazing, you really wouldn’t believe it is new.

Fire place before
fire place after
The new side to the stairs is finished and once it is dried it is ready for painting (well once it is all sanded down) this is yet another of those horrible jobs and we use the new electric sander to finish off, we had to buy a new sander as electric sanders do not like sanding plaster and our old one died, it put up a good fight and for a while it would work if you hit it in the right place, but eventually it could take no more and whirred its final whir.

I have also been very brave, I have looked on le boncoin (this is an advertising site in France for almost anything, a bit like the ads section in the newspaper) and found the perfect suite, it is the one we missed in IKEA, 2 small brown leather 2 seater settee’s, I e-mail a message and just hope they have not been sold and that the sellers can speak English as I had to leave my telephone number, keep your fingers crossed for us! 


  1. Enjoy your trip back to the UK. And Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter. xx

  2. Room looks AMAZING well done- fingers crossed you get the settees
    Worth all the hard work

  3. It looks absolutely fabulous... John is doing a great job!!

    1. Thanks, but think I will have to make John take more photo's to prove I am doing some work as well lol :)