Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Renovation Project - more work on the stairs

Renovation Project - more work on the stairs

The sofas are cleared away again, we are going to have to move and cover them every day until the work in the living room is completed.

Today we are going to carry on working on the stairs, we have decided to plasterboard the side of the stairs that is facing the living room, this will still allow the stairs to appear open but will stop all of the heat from the fire from just escaping up the stairs, we have also not found another way of making the area safe and stopping any small children from falling through the hole.

John secures the plaster board and plasters the joints and once it has a coat of paint it looks like this is how it should always have been. We have said many times to be flexible with what you want to do, as the house will tell you what it needs, and this house definitely needed to have this bit of stairs blocked.

I spend the day sanding and wire wooling the stairs ready for varnishing (though we still have no idea what colour we are going to stain them!).

We have noticed though, that there are many wood worm holes on the spindles and the stair treads, these had been hidden by the dirt and old vinyl that covered the stairs. This now gives us a new problem to solve, but that will be tomorrows problem as tonight we have pulled out our sofa’s again and are settled down in front of the fire.


  1. You can use beeswax to fill the worm holes and polish the wood, should look good.

    1. hi, thanks for the advice, we used Linseed putty in the end as we had so much to fill, we also need to stain the stairs first but hopefully we will be at the point of being able to polish them soon, we still have a lot of dust in the house.
      Hope you are enjoying the UK

  2. Replies
    1. thanks we have used that, and also some high tech micro biotic treatment that we brought from England, this penetrates further and chases anything out of the wood.
      I think the wood in the house may be the most heavily treated in France :)

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