Thursday, 18 October 2012

Renovation project - Saturday 13th October 2012

Renovation project - Saturday 13th October

We both wake up at silly o clock this morning, I’m awake at 5 am and John is awake by 6 am we have no idea why, but cannot go back to sleep, we decide to get up and have a brew and I wander into the town centre for fresh croissants at 7am. I love Huelgoat at this time of the morning, it is so peaceful and I stroll past the lake on the way back.

We go back to bed at approx 10 am for a couple of hours as we would be fit for nothing by afternoon.
It is raining again, not sure when I last said that, but it has rained almost every day for goodness knows how long, not Manchester UK rain (which is almost constant) but a lot!

We still have a lot of leaks in the drain pipes, and as we will be leaving soon, John decides to fix all of the leaking pipes and gutters. He also puts draught excluders on the doors and the makes the house quite cosy.
I go to visit Sheila and Brian who will be house sitting for us when we are in England, it feels quite strange saying our goodbyes and sorting out the house, we have only been here for 3 months but it is quite emotional saying goodbye, we have just settled in here so well.

I did have a fantastic shock whilst there (Sheila and Brian have weight scales in their bathroom) so I jumped on them and joy of joys I have lost 15 lb’s since coming to France, I was going to be French and say it in kilo grams, but that doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as 15 lb’s!

John starts to remove the hardboard from the walls on the first floor and we find that there are some rotten boards behind it, so we know decide that we are going to remove all of the walls as well as the floors, we have a big job when we come back, but again it does mean boards that are salvaged can go towards making more furniture.

I can’t remember whether I explained earlier that many of the walls in the house are made from oak planks, not from brick. John will replace the walls with stud partition walls, which he will also be able to insulate, meaning that the house will be warmer and more sound proofed.

The day just disappears again and before we know it is night time, we make one of our final meals on the BBQ; this is really not good now that the house is secure and the smoke seems to fill up the house quite quickly!

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